Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Beggar Seeks Revenge

About two years ago there was this girl/friend of mine who'd I'd really wanted to make my girlfriend. Her name is Molly. At the time of this story Molly was living with a roommate, Erin. Erin owned a house and was renting the spare bedroom to Molly. Erin had a job that required her to travel a lot, so often times Molly had the house to herself. It was cool. Molly and I would hang out all night, and then come bedtime I'd head home to my apartment. How I wish I could have slept over at Molly's. Be careful what you wish for.

One January evening, I'm at home getting ready for bed. I hadn't seen Molly in a couple of days and I'd been thinking about her a lot. As I begin to drift off to sleep my cell phone rings. It's Molly. She explains that a man knocked at her door, it was around midnight, and asks if he can shovel her driveway for a few dollars. Molly explains that she said no and closed the door on the guy. She's alone and freaked.

Eager to be the knight in shining armor I ask if she wants me to come over. She says she does. So, I go over to her place. As I walk toward the house I see footprints going from the front door to the back of the house. I call Molly's cell to let her know that I'm here, and then I knock on the door. She opens it and lets me in.

She has prepared the sofa for me (damn) and asks if I want her gun. Her father insisted she buy a gun when she moved out. I agree to take the gun, and set it on the floor next to the sofa. She heads off to bed and I get settled in. I fell asleep.

I awake to a crash, as the living room window breaks and a rock hits the wall opposite me. I get up, completely forgetting about the gun and look out the window. I see a man standing in the front yard. He begins yelling at me, and I hear Molly yelling from her room. She yells, "Keith, are you okay? What the fuck was that? Keith?" I yell back and tell her to call the police.

The rock thrower must have heard me say police because at that moment he takes off running down the street. I consider following, but decide against it, and go to make sure Molly is okay. She's on the phone with the cops. Minutes later the police arrive and we tell them what happened. They never find the guy. Molly never sees the guy again. She and I have a very brief romance, but still remain friends.


Anonymous said...

So, you mentioned you forgot you had the gun there. When I read that I assumed you were going to say the guy came in and there was some sort of struggle. So, if you would have remembered about the gun, do you think you would have used it?

Anonymous said...

I don't think I would have used it... If the guy had come in, I would have grabbed it and maybe even pointed it at him, but I don't know... It's tough to say out of the situation. I think, if our lives werei n danger, then yes... but... I can't say for sure.


Anonymous said...

Something similar is happening in the city adjacent to mine. Teenagers go around knocking to ask if you want them to shovel snow, and if no one answers they sometimes break in and vandalize the house. I'm pretty sure it's the same kids that used to go to my sister's house, asking if she wanted them to rake leaves. I'm so glad she's moved and I hope the police catch them.