Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Probably Nothing

One night when I was 16 (I'm 38 now), my friend and I were in my living room watching movies. My mom was divorced at the time and she was asleep in the bedroom. We heard some noises outside and so my friend and I looked out of the window and saw my neighbor walking down the street. This woman was about 30, and lived at home with her parents. She was single, sort of big and this particular night, she was as drunk as could be. Staggering through the street, she barely made it to her house, which was right across from my house.

We were watching out of a big picture window and began to feel like we might be seen so we shut the light off and lowered the blindes. They were horizontal blinds so that allowed us to "peak" through. Just as we were about to go back to our movie, we saw someone else walking down the street, from the same direction as my neighbor. It was a man dressed in jeans and a jacket. He didn't appear drunk, and he walked with a purpose. Almost as if he were trying to catch up with my neighbor. Eventually he made it to her house and from where he was down the street, he would have been able to see her walk up to her door.

It was late, around 11pm but the street was brightly lit due to street lights. We watched, ready to call the police because after he jerked the door knob trying to get in, or at least open the door, he began checking windows and even went around the back of the house where he was out of our view. We got really nervous thinking maybe we should wake my mom. Before we could decide, the guy came back out of the back of my neighobrs yard, and headed without hesitation toward MY house! He walked straight to where we were as if he knew we were behind those blinds watching him. CREEPY! He came right up to the bushes in front of the window and STOPPED. He just stared straight at the window.

I nearly wet my pants. We both ran to the back of the house to get my mom and by the time she got up and came in there, he was gone and she assumed we imagined the whole thing--being "silly" teenagers. So we went to the bedroom with my mom trying to convince her it was REAL, there he was---right outside the bedroom window. We all screamed and my mom callled the police. It was probably nothing.

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