Monday, December 13, 2010

Man with no Face

My scariest dream, that I remember, started out innocently enough. I was walking along a cobble stone street, like the kind you imagine when thinking about old Italian towns. The street was very narrow, more of an alley then a street. Building flanked either side of the alley, and stretched far into the distance. There were no doors on the buildings fronting the alley, just stucco walls. As I'm walking along this path, which is very straight and very long, I feel something moving toward me from behind. I turn and there is a man with no face. He is dressed in a dashing black suit, and hat. He radiates menace.

In the dream I am terribly frightened. His lack of face is kind of sucking my mind in. I can't stop thinking about where his eyes and ears, and mouth should be. I'm so occupied thinking about his missing face that I don't notice him moving closer to me. The next thing I know, he's standing right on top of me. What is really odd is that I can feel his warm breath against me, even though he has no mouth or nose. It stinks, and I turn to run. He grabs my shoulder and spins me around to face him. His face is inches from mine, and somehow makes a horrendous muttered scream, part furry and part frustration. He grabs me and shakes me.

Then I wake up.

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