Friday, November 5, 2010

Striptease for Creeper

One day I came home from a short shift at work one morning to an empty house and I walked in to find that the doors on the balcony at the back of our house were wide open and the latch was broken off, like an idiot, I didn't think anything of it because it was a hot day and I thought someone might have wanted to let the warm air in. I wanted my mum to wash my work clothes and I was going to swim at my friends place later so I stripped naked in the hallway (hey, no one was home) and chucked all of my clothes in the hamper, I put on my swimsuit and my clothes, but not before striking a number of poses in my bikini in the hallway mirror *blushes*.

I then went downstairs to do some homework in the living room for a few hours, and for some reason I had this sense of being watched so I closed all of the curtains downstairs. And then, like two hours later I went to go upstairs again and I saw that the front door was wide open. I knew it had not been open before, but I still did not realize what was going on until I went upstairs and saw that all of my jewellery was gone, ditto my mum's and sister's along with my ipod and some other stuff. I called the cops and they explained that the burglar had climbed onto the balcony via a this frame thing for vines to grow on the wall, forced the door, and had headed upstairs, planning on taking the biggest stuff (laptops, xbox etc.) which was downstairs last and getting the jewellery and smaller stuff first.

They found that in my parents walk in wardrobe at the back a bunch of clothes had been pulled down and forced across and a crowbar and a bunch of empty individual jewellery boxes had been dumped: they said that when I came home the burglar had heard and hidden in there until he had the opportunity to sneak out. Here's the kicker: when the bedroom door is open (it was) the hallway where I stripped is fully visible from inside the wardrobe. I performed a private striptease for the hiding burglar!! I did not tell the cops that though

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