Friday, November 5, 2010


2 years ago when I was home alone around 10-ish PM(How convenient) I was in my room upstairs on the phone to my friend when I heard the front door closing. Assuming it was my Sister I walked over and leaned over the banister calling her name and some guy dressed in the scream black gown with the mask was standing in the hallway, he looked up at me and proceeded to make his way up the staircase.
Now if asked what you would do in such a situation you'd be like, I'd grab my baseball bat and beat the *beep* outta them, or i'll run and call the cops etc. But no, like a pussy I stood in shock and only when he was like a 1/4 of the way up the stairs I screamed and yelled running into my room and shutting the lights hoping that would confuse him..
All the while my friend was still on the phone (And he was a witness later, although he didn't see anything)
My friend knew where I lived and I told him to call the cops to my address in case the phone cut off or something stupid.. and I proceeded to call them too. During this time I heard the door open/close again (This was all within seconds of getting into my room and shutting the lights).
I considered opening the window and yelling out, but it was like 10 PM, and that would only indicate where I was in the house. Anyway, while dialling for the cops I heard the door open/close again, I pulled back a small corner of my curtain and saw nothing, assuming he had made a run for it hearing me yell.
After calling the police I called my parents to tell them what happened. I was instructed to go downstairs and insure the door was in fact closed and to lock it.
I decided if I was to go downstairs I'd run and do it fast unlike the silly people in horror films who walk down so slowly and wait for something to happen - It made more sense to me. As I ran down it turned out that the guy didn't actually leave, he had just shut the door making me believe he did and was in my living room "attempting" to steal things.
After seeing me he began running towards the stairs again but he was far into the living room. I yelled and screamed as I ran back into my room and opened the window and yelled like crazy. This time he actually did leave the house and I saw him running out of my front door as I was looking out of my window.

The police arrived, so did my parents. They took down the details and contacted my friend. They concluded NO forced entry and that the door had not been properly closed by my sister when she left the house earlier. They also concluded he was just a normal thief and didn't have violent intentions
I.E. Flam

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