Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mormon with a Baseball Bat

Most of my shocking stories, though, are from the time I worked as a home health/hospice aide in Salt Lake City, of all places. I was given a sizable chunk of the downtown area which included The University of Utah and the South Campus of Salt Lake Community College. Being from Vegas, I was well, shocked to learn that there was quite a bit of crazy in Salt Lake City, which supposedly is a very safe place to live!
One of my patients lived on a small side street and one day I came to her home at 8 am for my visit as usual. Well, 15 minutes into my visit, after I had gotten my patient up and sitting on the couch, and had begun to tidy up her room, a bright red convertible drives down the street and stops right in front of my car. The driver gets out, and proceeds to try to open the door on my locked Saturn. When he couldn't get into my car, the guy, who is obviously on something, decides to walk up and down the street, opening trash cans, and attempting to open doors and windows. This patient suffered from very advanced Alzheimer's and had no clue what was going on. I closed and locked all her windows, and locked the door--she protested my locking her front door. Then I made sure all the windows and doors were closed and locked and after that I remembered that she had a baseball bat in the laundry room, went and got it, and waited for the man to show up on her doorstep, with the baseball bat in one hand and my cell phone with SLCPD on speed dial in the other hand. So the guy goes to my patent's next door neighbor's house, finds the door locked, tries the window, finds it locked, walks down the front walkway, and leaves the neighbor's property. Then he heads to my patent's front gate. Then he looks up and sees me and the patient both standing there staring at him, me brandishing a baseball bat and holding a cell phone to my ear. He gives off a look of "oh crap, I've been caught" and runs off, gets into his convertible, and drives off.

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