Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hotel Hell

Oh man, these stories are making me so glad that I live in Chicago, and police FLY whenever a call is put in!
I have one to add... pre-story, I just want to say that I have ALWAYS been a tweak in hotels. Doors must be locked, chained, bolted, windows CLOSED, bathroom light on, I run down hallways when I'm alone, and I still can never get a full night's sleep.
Me and the BF were staying at a hotel in KY for a family reunion (my family). Most of the rest of my family were staying at relatives houses. This hotel was crowded, and a bunch of guys were in the lobby when I went to the vending machines around 10pm-ish by myself... BF stayed in the room, so it must have looked like I was alone. I didn't really think anything about it, but later on, around 1AM, I wake up to the door banging and a guy yelling in the hallway... I was still half asleep so it took me a second to realize he wasn't banging ON the door, but instead the door was OPEN already and he was slamming it against the security bolt on the inside of the door. I woke up the BF and hid under the covers while he went to the door, told the guy off and slammed the door shut and relocked it. I give him credit that he never undid the dead bolt thing, just looked at him and yelled through the crack in the door. He said that he looked drunk.
THIS is the kicker... I called the front desk to let them know, and the guy behind the desk had GIVEN the guy a key because he said that he lost the key to "his" room... and the guy never went back to the front desk to ask for a different room key. Creepy! And I didn't get a look, so I didn't know if it was one of the guys that had been in the lobby or not. (And yes, the desk guy got an earful from me...)
- Corine


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't you rather live somewhere police don't need to fly because the crime rate isn't so high lol

Anonymous said...

Canada population: 37 million and 600 murders a year.

Chicago population: 2.7 million and 6-800 murders a year...