Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Shortly after my divorce, I was living in an empty house that was for sale - my friends allowed me to stay there for a few months while finding a new house. It was pretty empty, not a lot of furniture. I didn't spend a lot of time there, basically just slept and showered there.
So, 2 a.m. one night/morning there were headlights shining into my room and a really loud, aggressive knock at the door (a little background - very small town, everyone knows everyone, in the rainforest of WA state). I was totally freaked. I froze.

The person at the door started yelling my name. Scary! Finally, he said "It's XXX, please answer me if you're in there!" It was the local sheriff's deputy!! I ran to the door and opened for him and he pushed past me and said, "Who's here?" I told him nobody but me, i was sleeping. He said, "Somebody is using your phone and calling 911."  I flipped. I was crying and I stood outside in the freezing rain. He checked out the whole house and every closet/bedroom/bathroom (it was a huge farm house and I didn't even use the upstairs).
Finally between him, dispatch, and the phone company, they figured out that the massive rain had interrupted my phone wires and made it call 911. I dunno, but I didn't sleep there for a week after that! I stayed with friends!

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Anonymous said...

The rain caused your phone call 911.....sounds made up