Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Won't you be my Neighbor

This happened to me about 2 yrs ago. I had a neighbor that had been stalking me for years. Throwing stuff at my windows, dumping oil on my car, letting the air out of my tires, trying to run me off the road, harassing me at school, tried to run my mom over with his car, etc.

Well for a few months in a row this guy kept throwing rocks against my bedroom window at night. It would stop for a while then start up again. This one night around 2:00 am, I was just sitting on my bed watching a movie and there he was throwing rocks against my windows. Then it just suddenly stopped. But I kept hearing what sounded like talking outside my bedroom windows. In my room is a door that leads outside but it had a dresser in front of it and it was double bolted so no one was getting in there.

Then all of the sudden I felt my door and my walls shake violently. He and one of his buddies were trying to get into my room! I jumped up and went and got my mom who was sleeping in the next room. She jumped out of bed and ran to the window where she saw them running away from my bedroom door laughing! She got a flashlight and decided to sneak around the back of the house in order to see what they were doing. She told me to sit on the couch and be quiet.

I decided to look out the window to see if I could see anything and here comes this drunk girl, who I had NEVER seen before in my life, walking up to my bedroom window screaming "mother effer get out here!". I was freaking out, I didn't know her! Then she starts to fall over, being as drunk as she was, when this boy comes out of nowhere and helps her leave my yard. When my mom came back in I told her what just happened and she said she had heard it from the back of the house.

We then decided to call the police. When the police got there they said they couldn't do anything because they hadn't seen it themselves! I was like WTF?! Then why even have a trespassing law in the first place! This guy did lots of horrible things to me and my mom! It was years before he backed off even alittle!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Bad Luck

Another time, we were driving to this absolutely tiny town in the middle of nowhere to catch up with some girls my friend knew. These two cars drove past us, then quickly swerved off the road and turned around behind us. This guy popped out of the passenger side window and started yelling, holding his fist up against his head... I have no Idea what that was meant to signify, although I can guess. They followed us around for about twenty minutes until we took some backroads and finally lost them. it was like a scene from "Deliverance", I half expected "Duelling Banjo's" to come on the radio.
Free from our pursuers, my friends crappy car decided to give up the ghost and broke down. Not sure where to go for help in such a tiny town, and too low on funds to pay for assistance, we walked to the house of the girls we were to meet. After explaining the situation, they said that there was a mechanic's auto shop further into town, and that they may be able to help us. So we walked there, and to our chagrin, recognised the two cars parked nearby as those of our pursuers. Panicking slightly, we turned a corner and walked into a crowd of about twenty "Friggers", Australian for rednecks, basically. They recognised us as the outsiders they'd chased, predominately due to our lack of cowboy hats and flannelet, and started chiding us. We sheepishly asked for some assistance, mainly some oil. They started getting really rough, pushing my friends and spitting tirades of abuse at them.

I was amazed at our sheer bad luck. What were the odds that the only people who could help us were those who had earlier engaged in an unmitigated pursuit with us, and by proxy, were the reason our car, overworked, had died.

For some reason, which they attributed to my tangled birdnest of an afro, they seemed quite partial to me, but those sentiments didn't extend to my friends. After pleading with them, they finally agreed to help, on two conditions: !) My friends buy them a slab of beer for their troubles, and 2) That my friends leave their left shoe behind. I, thankfully, was exempt from this. We dutifully agreed, and adhered to their demands, got our oil and left unscathed, minus two left shoes.
These morons seemed to have the run of the town, and they could have done anything they wanted to us, the town doesn't even have any police. We were thankful to get away unharmed, and vowed never to ever set foot in the town again.