Thursday, September 2, 2010

You're Creeping Me Out!

I was followed on a dark Brooklyn street one night.  Getting off the subway and heading home, I noticed this strange little man who was keeping a few paces behind me. After a couple of streets, I was totally freaking out.  I lived in a really bad neighborhood and it was 2AM, the streets were completely empty, so instinctively I just turned out and shouted at him:
What? What the f*ck do you want? You're creeping me out!
He apologized and said he was afraid I'd run into trouble and was just following me to make sure I was alright. YEAH, SURE! He was actually really tiny so I thought I could take him worse comes to worst, so I walked with him for a while, we started chatting, and he told me he'd just gotten out after 7 years in jail. I was TOTALLY PETRIFIED.
Then we got to my door, and I realized I didn't have my key. I rang and rang the door but my roommate wouldn't answer. The guy kindly handed me his cell phone (I didn't own one at the time) and told me to call a friend and find a place to stay. My friend wasn't home, and I was just standing there like an idiot, wondering where they'd find my cut up dead body the nest day.
But the guy was like - "hey, I've got an idea!" : he helped me climb up the fire escape and open my window from outside, and I got home safe - and found my douche of a roommate in a bubble bath with his headphones on and some horrible music blaring.
So... I never knew what to think of that crazy, weird encounter. That guy was shady from head to toe, yet he was only just really sweet and helpful to me, and I never saw him again. Who knows!? Don't judge a book by its cover!


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