Thursday, September 23, 2010


About 8 or 9 years ago, when I was just a young teenager, my parents had decided to take my brother and some his friends to a baseball game. Since they felt bad about leaving me home alone, they said I could invite some friends over. So I had about 2 of my friends from the area come over.
Apparently, there had been a couple incidents of peeping toms in our area, so my parents wouldn't let us stay alone and had my grandparents come over while they were gone. Of course, none of really believed there had been any peeping toms...we thought it was rumors or what not.
Anyway, at around 9 PM, my two friends and I decided to start playing a game of volleyball in my front yard(it was pretty dark at this time because it was early September) Being young kids, we could be pretty loud and scream a lot. My grandmother made us come back in the house around 10.
After getting in the house, I realized I had left the volleyball out in the yard. So I went out my front door to get to the front yard and pick up the volleyball. After I got the volleyball and was going to put it back in the garage, I noticed a huge shadow of a person being cast on the driveway. There was clearly someone standing in the garage, but I didn't panic because I assumed it was my grandfather (he has Alzheimer's, and for some reason, that caused him to need to take walks every 15 minutes or so. I assumed it was just him going for another walk and that he had gone out through the door in the garage) Even though I thought it was most likely my grandpa, I just had a feeling that I should have just gone right back in the house instead of going into the garage to put the volleyball away.
It was a good thing I trusted that feeling I had. When I walked back in the front door, both of my grandparents were sitting in the living room with both of my friends watching the end of the game my parents were at. Whoever was in my garage had not been anyone that had permission to be at our house. I guess there are a lot of possibilities. It could have been a neighbor coming over to tell us to shut up. Or maybe it could have been another one of our friends that heard us outside and came to see if we were still around. Or... the peeping tom had heard us making noise outside and decided to come over and spy. We may never know, but all I know is that we were all extremely freaked out because of the whole peeping tom thing. We locked all the doors and my grandma called her friend to come check things out. When he got to my house, there was no sign that anyone had been there, but those 20 minutes while we were waiting for my grandma's friend to get there were terrifying. I was only 13, and I was crying and just scared to death that it really had been the peeping tom and he was going to try to get in the house or something.
The creepy thing is that we later learned that there had been 2 more peeping tom reports made that night---one 4 blocks from my house and the other 2 blocks in the opposite direction. So to get from point A to point B, the peeping tom would have had to cross my block.

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