Wednesday, September 1, 2010

One is Lucky and One was Unlucky

My dad worked as a supervisor at a large industrial complex for many years when I was a kid.  One day he discovered an employee of his who doing drugs on the job.  My dad had to fire him, and I remember him coming home telling my family about it, and about how crazy mad the druggie was.

Apparently the guy was so riled over it, that the next day he planned to kill my dad. So, and we'd later find all this out from the police, the guy got himself real drunk, then drove over to my dad's business, planning on finding my dad and shooting him. The problem was, my dad's business is in an industrial park where the whole row of units look identical, and the guy was stinking drunk. In his drunken stupor, the disgruntled employee could not identify which unit was my dad's, so he just guessed, entered the wrong business, and shot and killed the wrong person. 

He's now in jail forever. This was like... 10 years ago... it's the closest brush I've had with any real crime.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds made up.. all looked the same lol didn't he work there to.. where's the news article