Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Frosty Reception

This is my story. It’s probably one of the only truly creepy experiences I’ve had. About 4 years ago a couple of good friends and I decided to take a trip during our Christmas break. One of those friends grandparents has a house in Leavenworth, Washington, that they’ll usually live in during some of the summer, but for the rest of the year they rent it out to tourists or let friends and family use it for free, so since we were money deprived college students, we decided to go there and use the place for free. The place is a snowy, German inspired town that is a huge tourist attraction all year long, but especially in the winter, and since it was nearing Christmas the place was packed. My friend’s grandparents had rented the place for most of November to a family they knew only through friends, and they had just left about a week before we came.

We got to the house and actually found the door wide open, but the house didn’t look to be broken into at all. The place was freezing and we had found that all the electricity outlets had been screwed with and we were not able to use any of the electricity. We were cold and irritated, but we had a free place to stay, so who couldn't really complain. The house was surrounded by huge evergreens and was on the outside of the town where there were maybe one or two houses within a mile, so it would take a lot to find the house, so someone must have known where the place was. There were also no tracks in the snow leading to the house, so we knew it had been opened for a while. We concluded that someone had a key and left the door open, because nothing was screwed with other than the electricity and nothing appeared to be missing.

Anyways, we went upstairs and picked rooms, and in the main master bedroom there was a dead crow on the floor next to the bed and the window was wide open. That was enough to creep us out and we ran out of there and got in the car and called my friends grandma. She didn’t really have an explanation as to why there was a dead bird in the master room but she did say that the last family who stayed there only paid them half of what they owed them and from what she knew, they were potheads who had quite a few parties while staying there. I have no idea why she would let those people stay there knowing that they weren’t good people. She thinks they copied the keys and gave them to friends, and that’s how they must have gotten in because she’s had people do that before, but in reality, who knows? We decided to get our money together and stay at the cheapest place available. We still really don’t know what happened, but I don’t plan on staying there again anytime soon.


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