Thursday, September 23, 2010


About 8 or 9 years ago, when I was just a young teenager, my parents had decided to take my brother and some his friends to a baseball game. Since they felt bad about leaving me home alone, they said I could invite some friends over. So I had about 2 of my friends from the area come over.
Apparently, there had been a couple incidents of peeping toms in our area, so my parents wouldn't let us stay alone and had my grandparents come over while they were gone. Of course, none of really believed there had been any peeping toms...we thought it was rumors or what not.
Anyway, at around 9 PM, my two friends and I decided to start playing a game of volleyball in my front yard(it was pretty dark at this time because it was early September) Being young kids, we could be pretty loud and scream a lot. My grandmother made us come back in the house around 10.
After getting in the house, I realized I had left the volleyball out in the yard. So I went out my front door to get to the front yard and pick up the volleyball. After I got the volleyball and was going to put it back in the garage, I noticed a huge shadow of a person being cast on the driveway. There was clearly someone standing in the garage, but I didn't panic because I assumed it was my grandfather (he has Alzheimer's, and for some reason, that caused him to need to take walks every 15 minutes or so. I assumed it was just him going for another walk and that he had gone out through the door in the garage) Even though I thought it was most likely my grandpa, I just had a feeling that I should have just gone right back in the house instead of going into the garage to put the volleyball away.
It was a good thing I trusted that feeling I had. When I walked back in the front door, both of my grandparents were sitting in the living room with both of my friends watching the end of the game my parents were at. Whoever was in my garage had not been anyone that had permission to be at our house. I guess there are a lot of possibilities. It could have been a neighbor coming over to tell us to shut up. Or maybe it could have been another one of our friends that heard us outside and came to see if we were still around. Or... the peeping tom had heard us making noise outside and decided to come over and spy. We may never know, but all I know is that we were all extremely freaked out because of the whole peeping tom thing. We locked all the doors and my grandma called her friend to come check things out. When he got to my house, there was no sign that anyone had been there, but those 20 minutes while we were waiting for my grandma's friend to get there were terrifying. I was only 13, and I was crying and just scared to death that it really had been the peeping tom and he was going to try to get in the house or something.
The creepy thing is that we later learned that there had been 2 more peeping tom reports made that night---one 4 blocks from my house and the other 2 blocks in the opposite direction. So to get from point A to point B, the peeping tom would have had to cross my block.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Half-Way Suggar Momma

Back in 2005 or 2006, I was still living at home with my parents. I worked overnight and would come home around 6 a.m. There's a halfway house on the end of the cul-de-sac where my parents live. They live on the inside of the cul-de-sac, about 4 houses down from the halfway house. We really never had or have problems with the people who live there, however a lot of times, the police get called, which causes an issue with them living in a residential area. You don't necessarily feel too safe when the police or ambulance repeatedly come to your neighborhood, because someone overdosed or whatever. My parents don't like the fact that there's a halfway house just a few houses down from them, but I believe there's a rule that they have to keep to themselves in order to live there.
Anyway, there was a new lady that moved into the house. She was tall and burly with big bushy hair and a very harsh complexion. One night we were having dinner or whatever, and she came to the door and asked for sugar. My parents, as nice as they are, gave her some. She said thank you and left. Next day, she came by and asked again for sugar. My mom gave her some, but in a Tupperware and told her to go ahead and keep it. She then kept coming around and asking for some girl named Lisa. My parents told her there was no one there by that name. By this time, they weren't liking her coming around, because obviously she there was something not right with her. They thought she was scoping our house out.
Well one morning, I had come home from work and fell asleep. My mom was getting ready to go somewhere when she came by again and rang the bell. My mom didn't answer. The lady then plants herself in front of our front door and was just sitting there for quite sometime. So, my mom couldn't leave and was worried about answering the door or even leaving with me sleeping there. She didn't know this woman enough to know if she was capable of doing anything. Finally the neighbor next door happened to come home a little while later. When he spotted her sitting there (she had gone to their house too a lot), he ran inside and called the police who then came and got her away from our door. She STILL lives at that house. We see her in the parking lot by some stores near our house asking for money and whenever we would drive by, she'd smile this creepy smile at us. She seems harmless, but obviously has some issues going on and isn't all there..


Thursday, September 9, 2010

What Was He Doing?

A creepy thing that has happened to me lately happened when I was leaving out of the back door at work. The store where I work is not opened yet, because it's in a strip mall that is still under construction and isn't opening until next week. It's right off the highway, but there is seriously nothing else around for miles because they are just now starting to develop the area. The roads are blocked by security, who will only let you in and out if you say that you're going to work. Basic gist is that there is NO ONE else around except the people working in the stores to set up, and by this time we were about the only people left in the area.

The store where I work was letting the employees shop that night before the grand opening but I didn't want anything so I left while everyone else was shopping. One of the managers let me out of the back door, but after that I was alone. There is a bit of an alley and then a driveway for the delivery trucks with grass on both sides before getting to the parking lot. I was walking down this, and there was this man crouched down, rinsing his hands off in one of the sprinklers that were on. He looked up at me and just stared and stared as I walked past. My heart started pounding, and my car seemed to be SO far away. It was also in the opposite direction of the man, so when I walked my back was completely turned to him and I couldn't see what he was doing. I turned my head a bit every couple of steps, but I didn't want to look like I was suspicious. I was about 10 feet from my car when he stood up and started walking toward me. I was so scared that, once I got to my car, I kept fumbling my keys and couldn't get the door unlocked. I finally did, got in and locked the door. Meanwhile, he just kept walking slowly toward the car. I took off as fast as I could, and he stopped walking and just stared. I haven't been back to work since this, but I can assure you that I will not be walking to my car alone again. I don't even want to know what he was washing off of his hands in the sprinkler

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Frosty Reception

This is my story. It’s probably one of the only truly creepy experiences I’ve had. About 4 years ago a couple of good friends and I decided to take a trip during our Christmas break. One of those friends grandparents has a house in Leavenworth, Washington, that they’ll usually live in during some of the summer, but for the rest of the year they rent it out to tourists or let friends and family use it for free, so since we were money deprived college students, we decided to go there and use the place for free. The place is a snowy, German inspired town that is a huge tourist attraction all year long, but especially in the winter, and since it was nearing Christmas the place was packed. My friend’s grandparents had rented the place for most of November to a family they knew only through friends, and they had just left about a week before we came.

We got to the house and actually found the door wide open, but the house didn’t look to be broken into at all. The place was freezing and we had found that all the electricity outlets had been screwed with and we were not able to use any of the electricity. We were cold and irritated, but we had a free place to stay, so who couldn't really complain. The house was surrounded by huge evergreens and was on the outside of the town where there were maybe one or two houses within a mile, so it would take a lot to find the house, so someone must have known where the place was. There were also no tracks in the snow leading to the house, so we knew it had been opened for a while. We concluded that someone had a key and left the door open, because nothing was screwed with other than the electricity and nothing appeared to be missing.

Anyways, we went upstairs and picked rooms, and in the main master bedroom there was a dead crow on the floor next to the bed and the window was wide open. That was enough to creep us out and we ran out of there and got in the car and called my friends grandma. She didn’t really have an explanation as to why there was a dead bird in the master room but she did say that the last family who stayed there only paid them half of what they owed them and from what she knew, they were potheads who had quite a few parties while staying there. I have no idea why she would let those people stay there knowing that they weren’t good people. She thinks they copied the keys and gave them to friends, and that’s how they must have gotten in because she’s had people do that before, but in reality, who knows? We decided to get our money together and stay at the cheapest place available. We still really don’t know what happened, but I don’t plan on staying there again anytime soon.


Friday, September 3, 2010

Should Have Just Gone to the Dance

I was 16 and working at a local burger joint. It was devils night, and I was closing the store. I was the last one to leave at around 12:30am. I pulled out of the parking lot onto the main road which was deserted. As soon as I pulled out I noticed head light in the rear view mirror, and was thinking where the H did that car come from. So I drive down this road for 1 mile to the next Rd. The car is tailgating me the whole time. I turn and drive 2 miles to the next road and turn. Car still tailgating me the whole time. Now I am think that this is too much for coincidence. So I think, OK devils night or whatever, stupid prank. But, then they start harassing me. Getting real close to and hitting my bumper. flashing brights constantly. driven up next to me and trying to intimidate. Now keep in mind, I'm driving a little 65HP chevette. If I had the jeep I would have just went off road and lost them. Also it was a pitch black night, and I was in a very rural area.

So i am starting to get a little nervous. I am hoping that I don't break down or get run off the road. I don't know if they want to hurt me or whatever. As soon as I start getting close to home, I remember that no one is home. I don't want to pull into the drive because, first I don't want them to know where I live, and 2nd I would have never made it to the door before they got to be. So I keep flying around the dirt back roads trying to lose them. I drive by the house one more time and see that my dad just got home. I pull into the driveway, which is about 400 feet long and straight. they other car stops at the end and turns off its lights and engine. I ran into the house and told my dad the situation. He grabbed the trusty shotgun and we stepped outside. Whoever was in the car must have saw the shotgun, because we heard the motor start, no lights, and they slowly back out of the drive and sped away.

Anyways, to make a long story longer. I found out about a month later, a girl I worked with wanted to ask me to some dance, so she dumped current boyfriend before she asked me. She asked me I said no. Well the BF was really pissed, she was really pissed, so the BF thought he would get even with me. go figure.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

You're Creeping Me Out!

I was followed on a dark Brooklyn street one night.  Getting off the subway and heading home, I noticed this strange little man who was keeping a few paces behind me. After a couple of streets, I was totally freaking out.  I lived in a really bad neighborhood and it was 2AM, the streets were completely empty, so instinctively I just turned out and shouted at him:
What? What the f*ck do you want? You're creeping me out!
He apologized and said he was afraid I'd run into trouble and was just following me to make sure I was alright. YEAH, SURE! He was actually really tiny so I thought I could take him worse comes to worst, so I walked with him for a while, we started chatting, and he told me he'd just gotten out after 7 years in jail. I was TOTALLY PETRIFIED.
Then we got to my door, and I realized I didn't have my key. I rang and rang the door but my roommate wouldn't answer. The guy kindly handed me his cell phone (I didn't own one at the time) and told me to call a friend and find a place to stay. My friend wasn't home, and I was just standing there like an idiot, wondering where they'd find my cut up dead body the nest day.
But the guy was like - "hey, I've got an idea!" : he helped me climb up the fire escape and open my window from outside, and I got home safe - and found my douche of a roommate in a bubble bath with his headphones on and some horrible music blaring.
So... I never knew what to think of that crazy, weird encounter. That guy was shady from head to toe, yet he was only just really sweet and helpful to me, and I never saw him again. Who knows!? Don't judge a book by its cover!


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

One is Lucky and One was Unlucky

My dad worked as a supervisor at a large industrial complex for many years when I was a kid.  One day he discovered an employee of his who doing drugs on the job.  My dad had to fire him, and I remember him coming home telling my family about it, and about how crazy mad the druggie was.

Apparently the guy was so riled over it, that the next day he planned to kill my dad. So, and we'd later find all this out from the police, the guy got himself real drunk, then drove over to my dad's business, planning on finding my dad and shooting him. The problem was, my dad's business is in an industrial park where the whole row of units look identical, and the guy was stinking drunk. In his drunken stupor, the disgruntled employee could not identify which unit was my dad's, so he just guessed, entered the wrong business, and shot and killed the wrong person. 

He's now in jail forever. This was like... 10 years ago... it's the closest brush I've had with any real crime.