Tuesday, August 24, 2010

You can Run but You can't Hide

This one happened in I would say the late 80's, I was about 9 or 10 years old. I know it was a nice sunny Sunday, late morning. I remember this because we would go to the early service at church, get done by 10am and head to my sisters house about 30 miles away for an early lunch. I remember it being nice and sunny because we had the windows down in town before getting on the highway. This was our weekly routine.

I remember driving down the road, I believe I was playing a game boy not thinking much of anything else, we pull up to the stop sign before turning onto the highway, this is when it all started. This large 70s El camino type of a car, pulled up behind us and flashed their lights repeatedly...my dad couldn't think of what they would want, he kind of stuck his head out the window and put his hands in the air as if to say "what?". I remember the driver of the other car yelling something and then laughing and pointed at us, it was a grumbled voice yelling almost like a drunk bum or something, you couldn't make out what he was saying but its 10am on a Sunday, weird.
My dad said something like back like "WHAT?" and we turned onto the highway, I say highway but this is in a little town in Kansas, its a 2 lane highway and its used but not too much at that time and day, speed limit back then I'm sure was 55mph on that highway. We proceeded on the road not thinking much of it other then "that was weird", we kept driving, they were completely out of sight. Moments later that same car comes flying up behind us going like 100mph and slams on his breaks right before hitting us, I remember this vividly as I was looking out the back window once I heard my dad say something that car is behind us again. I remember looking at the two guys in the car in the seat laughing and staring at me, pointing at me. I started getting really scared.
We then go on to try to get them to go away by slowing down, speeding up, my dad would speed up fast, we would go over a hill and pull onto a side gravel road and wait for them to pass, they did, we waited, they came back going the other way and saw us or something because they stopped...we pulled back onto the highway and kept going, this went on for what seemed like forever.

We finally get to a house, (there were maybe three total between that exit and the town we were going to), we pull into their driveway go knock on the door, no one is home, yelling we need help, the guys in the car pull at the end of the driveway blocking us in....this was when I really got scared. When they realized no one was home they pulled into the driveway, got out of the car and started walking toward us (it was a pretty long country gravel , maybe 1/4 of a mile long) They didn't have weapons or anything that we could see but both, my dad yelled "what do you want?" they didn't answer and kept walking, he got back into the car as they ran after him, as they got about 15 feet away they were yelling (not sure what) he floored it through the lawn of these peoples houses, over small hills and ditches and everything back onto the highway, we went about 90-100mph (that's what it seemed like) all the way to the town...we saw them in the distance behind us almost the whole way there but lost them when we got closer to town they couldn't get any closer as fast as we were going...we went directly to the police station and filed a report.

Never saw anything of them again, but that is as scared as I have every been
- Chris

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