Friday, August 6, 2010

Wrong Parking Spot

Once, when I was 16, and I was sleeping in my bed, around1:30am, when my three dogs, sleeping in my room, all started barking their heads off at the same time. This wasn't out of the ordinary, so I told them to shut up andI rolled over and tried to go back to sleep. However, They started up again and when I turned my head to look, I saw all three dogs gazing through my window and barking their heads off. All of a sudden, I heard A loud CRACK!!! followed by what sounded like gravel falling to the pavement. I didn't move as I waited. Another crash identical to the first followed and still failed to alarm me.
I was extremely tired and I assumed that the noise came from my neighbors across the street. They were loud people, always moving around their house at night. I thought nothing more, and I drifted off and fell asleep once more.
In the morning, I woke up at 6:am, and got up to use the bathroom. As I did so, I wearily recalled the strange noise from earlier in the night. I was suddenly, spooked, and I didn't know why. I went out my front door and studied the street in front of me, in the dark, morning blue from the sky. My sight fell to my dad's car parked near the curb...across from my bedroom window. I cautiously walked to the car. I circled around to the driver's side, where what I saw chilled the already warm, summer morning and brought me to my shivering point.
Both the driver's and the back passenger's windows had been severely smashed and only a few gummy shards remained in each pane.

A hastily scribbled note, written on a torn scrap of paper had been gently placed on the driver's seat among the pool of broken safety glass.

It read: "You parked in my spot. Don't touch what doesn't belong to you. Next time, I come inside."
.....The night before, my brother, older by four years, had driven to pickup to his friend Amanda's, at her apartment complex. We live in Chandler, and Amanda lived in phoenix. A good 45 minute drive.
The person whose parking space my brother had waited in, followed him through two smaller cities to give him that warning. My brother was parked for less than ten minutes.
The noises I heard at one in the morning, came from this person, breaking into my father's car, while I carelessly hushed my dogs from barking at him.
When the police questioned the office, and residents of the apartment complex about who owned the assigned parking space, all of them confirmed, that nobody did. It was an open space.

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