Thursday, April 28, 2011

What Would You Have Done?

I was returning from a climbing trip late one night, in the Moab, UT, with my boyfriend. As we’re driving we enter a valley and we see lights in the distance. As we get closer we start to see debris in the road including a single shoe.

Of course we pull over and we see a car with it’s lights on about 10 to 20 feet away from the road, completely stopped. Believing that we came upon the sight of an accident, my boyfriend calls out to the wreck to make sure everyone’s OK. I stayed in the car and I start to get out and go next to my boyfriend. I look at my phone and realize that I have no cell reception and and become a little more cautious. A women steps in front of the lit headlights in front of the, seemingly, wrecked car. She has blood all over her shirt, but appears to be OK. At the sight of the blood my boyfriend calls down to see if we need to call for help or find out what we can do. The women speaking to us is completely calm. She says not to call the police but just come down to the car. She doesn’t say that anyone needs help she just keeps saying “come down here, just come down here.”
The situation was so eerie that when my boyfriend started to head down there I stopped him I just had a really bad feeling about all of it. The headlights of the car were on and an uninjured women covered in blood told us not to call the police but just come closer to her.
I started to head back to the car and the women starts yelling “COME DOWN HERE” She didn’t sound scared but angry that I was turning around. We didn’t have any visuals of what was down there besides her. The sound of her yelling made my boyfriend wary and he headed back to the car. The closer he got to the car the louder and more angry she got. I realize that she might have been in shock but my boyfriend would have been ill equipped to handle any medical emergency. As we drove out of the valley I called 911 and reported the accident. The whole situation with the blood and the fact that she didn’t want medical attention was scary. What would you have done?


Anonymous said...

that sounds like a set up for a mugging. thank god you guys didn't go down

Anonymous said...

Agreed. I wonder what happened when the EMTs got there.

Anonymous said...

Later that week, we checked the news and saw that two EMTs were murdered at taht same location. Haha. Just kidding.

What if she really needed help. People in accidents can sometimes be a little crazy. She may have been in shock or something...

Anonymous said...

This was definitely a setup for a robbery.

Girl in distress people usual stop (women tent to be appear less harmful. Then her partners come out of nowhere and rob you or god forbid something worse.)

Thank Goodness you guys went back to your car. Who knows what would've happened.

Always listen to your gut instinct.