Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Too Much Coffee

First, a few years ago I worked at a Starbucks inside of a Barnes & Nobles. I was the cashier that day and this young guy walks in. He grabs a postcard from the postcard rack and comes to the Starbucks side to pay for it. I ring it up and he hands me the money for it. As I go to hand him his change back he starts waving his hands in my face making funny noises. Then he starts laughing like sadistic creepy laughing. After that he starts screaming at the top of his lungs, "Somebody kill me please, somebody kill me please!" Now, it was only me and this other guy working that day and we just were looking at each other like what the hell! There were like a million people behind this guy in line. Finally, he just stops everything and goes outside leaving his postcard and change on the counter. Afterwards, the girl that we were working with who was on break goes out and hands the guy the postcard and the money and she said he was fine and didn't do anything or say anything to her. It was the scariest crap ever because I had no clue if this guy was going to jump over the counter and stab me or what.

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