Friday, August 6, 2010

Scotish Terror

e live in the central belt in Scotland, which is the kind of place where town and deep countryside sit alongside each other and you often have to travel only a tiny distance to leave a populated area. Anyhoo, my friends and I live in a small town that is surrounded in the most part by wooded areas, fields, parks etc. When we were around 17/18 and some of the group first passed their driving tests, we would drive out to a local nature park at night for lack of anything better to do. It was very secluded, quiet and intensely dark at night. We were very fond of driving out and telling each other scary stories in the dark.

One night we drove out in a group of around five/six, and for some strange reason (I still can't quite comprehend our stupidity) we decided it would be both fun and creepy to get into pairs and play hide-and-seek in the woods, in the dark. So we paired off, one team waiting to seek and myself and my friend choosing to go hide. We quickly found a spot under some dense fir trees and settled down, quite secure in the knowledge that we had a fab hiding place and our other friends would have real trouble finding us. Since we felt so calm and assured, we sat and very quietly whispered to each other, chatting about inane things until it started to rain quite suddenly. As soon as the rain started to fall, I can only describe the change in atmosphere as chilling. Have you ever been in the woods during heavy rain? The sound of the droplets falling onto leaves in such a quite environment is shockingly creepy. It suddenly starts to sound as though there are large numbers of people slowly converging on you in the dark. So, understandably, I start to get a little spooked.

As I start to panic, my (male) friend who is usually very stoic and calm, starts to look a bit unsettled himself. I ask him what is wrong, naturally. He pauses for the longest time, then finally meets my eye and says, "I can hear animal noises that are disturbing me a bit. It sounds like a fox barking, but it's too high pitched. I think it might actually be a little girl." I, of course, am now essentially wetting my pants with fear. As soon as he points out this noise, I also realise I can hear it. Not only this, but we realise the noise is gradually getting closer. Deciding to give the game up as a bad job, we crash out of our hiding place back to the parking area and start screaming for our other friends to return. When they appear 2mins later, running from a wooded area not far from where we had been hiding ourselves, they look positively terrified. As the get closer, one of them starts screaming for us to open the car and GET THE HELL IN. We quickly open the car, and just as the four of us throw ourselves in a cr with its full beams appears from a break in the trees, and heads straight for us. Because we have only just managed to get in the car, we only have time to pull the central locks down before this car has blocked us in.
I for one am holding my breath as the car slowly pulls up alongside us, and an older man rolls down the window. The moment he leans his head out, we realise something is very wrong with him. He looks as though he's high on seven different types of drugs, and none too sane to boot. "I'm looking for the people that did my son. Was it you?" He's aggressive, and utterly terrifying. My friend, who is driving the car, pleads with the man that we don't know who or what he's talking about. When he starts brandishing a bat from the passenger seat and rambling about us being the thought police, my friend decides enough is enough, turns on the engine and mounts a grass verge to drive away. As we speed out onto the country roads (which are unlit, bloody perfect), we realise he's following us. Not only this, but the crazy bugger decides to put his headlights off. We now have literally no clue how close behind us he is, or what he's planning.
He followed us for half an hour before my friend managed to shake him off by nipping into a hidden junction and dimming the lights. We sat and watched him turn back and forth several times before he finally gave up and left. It was the most frightening 'fun' time we'd ever had!

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