Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Police; Worth Their Weight in Gold

I was working in a very run down very large building with boarded up windows, sort of an old warehouse type building but a little smaller, late one night.  I went in late and left late.
One evening I had the building to myself as I usually do and having to go to the bathroom I walked down the corridor to go to the ladies room, and heard men breaking into the back door of the office. Terrified, I ran for the front door, but heard someone there (the lookout maybe), and ran back into my office and locked the door. As I called emergency,  I heard the robbers actually get into the inner office (you need to go through 2 doors to get into it,) so they were right outside my door. I was whispering to the dispatcher about what was going on and she was trying to calm me, saying police were around the corner and on the way.
I heard 3 different voices all together, and then they knocked lightly on my door, and said in a sing song voice "open up, we know you are in there". At this point I was crying and they started knocking louder on the door and they were trying to push the door open. I heard one say, "just kick it in", then thankfully I heard the sirens. They yelled "oh crap, lets go" and I heard them leave.

The police were great, they literally sent out 8 cars to help me. When the officer knocked on my office door I was so freaked out I was terrified to open it. The police checked the building with me, and could see the door had been kicked in. It was a wholesale jewelry place so there was gold, platinum, etc. perfect for thieves. I gave notice the next day.

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