Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Maybe it was the Maid that was Murdered

A few years ago I lived in Costa Rica for half a year. After three months, Costa Rican law stipulated that you had to leave the country for 3 days. Two of my friends and I decided to go to Nicaragua.

We took a 12 hour bus ride to Rivas, Nicaragua and took a ferry across Lake Nicaragua to Isla Ometepe. The ferry ride itself was a thing of horrors as it was a steal vessel that had been welded together, conjuring up images of third world ferries that sink mid voyage. And, it must be noted that Lake Nicargua has fresh water sharks. Alas, we survived and made it to the island.

As it was late, we booked a room at the hotel next to the ferry launch. We asked for the cheapest room for three. We saved three US$, paying a total of about $10. The room had three beds and a strange oscillating fan attached to the ceiling that moved 360 degrees. On the wall where strange, smeared, red hand prints. The beds all had new mattresses with the clear protective plastic still left on. We joked that someone must have been murdered there and blood had ruined the previous mattresses. Our jokes became more real when we went into the bathroom and saw blood drops in the shower. Being adventurous and maybe a little naive, we thought it was all in our heads, decided to stay and went out to look for food and drink. We came back, full and drunk and slept pretty well, considering the heat and the dreams of murder.

We left the next day and traveled the island for a few days. Three days later, we decided to stay in the same hotel and in the same room, before we took the ferry back to Rivas. This time, they offered no discount on the same room. We were a bit astounded when we entered the room and it had been freshly painted since we hade been gone. Since then, my two friends and I have always joke about how we stayed in the "Murder Room" in Nicaragua!


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