Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mama Bear

My dad was a Col. in the arm,y so he was away a lot, on maneuvers and such, and he got transferred a lot, so we never lived in the same place for more than a year or two. A long time ago, when we lived in Virginia, and I was in first grade, my dad went away for a week or so. My room was directly across from my parents and my two older brothers had rooms in the basement, the house was a split level.

Anyway, its night everyone is asleep, and the phone rings. my mom answers it and the person says that he knows that she is alone and even says her name and asks where her kids are. she then hears a loud noise from the middle level, most likely the garage door, and she knew it wasn't my dad coming home or my brothers since they were asleep. she freaks and runs into my room and carries me, still asleep (I'm a deep sleeper) into her room and puts me in her closet. she then walks down the hall towards the kitchen.

In our kitchen, behind a rather large 'fence' is our 1 or 2 year old black lab, and let me tell you, this dog was a beast in his prime (he could jump from the ground up to our top bunks, drag me and my brother around like dolls and was very protective of the kids) so she gets to the kitchen, which is on the right, and begins to turn left towards the stairs that lead to the basement. well our dog jumps the fence and moves past her, growling like a dog from hell at the staircase my mom is heading towards. his hair is raised a foot off his back and when he looked like this, he was the scariest looking dog of all time, and keep in mind, its the middle of the night and dark in the house, so she can barely see him, or anything else, just the outline of this black beast staring towards the faint light on the middle landing.

Anyways, she walks past him but as she goes he grabs her hand with his mouth and begins to pull her away as if to warn her. Well w/ my mom it would literally take a dog from hell to stop her from getting to the kids, so she slaps him away and hurries downstairs, with the dog right next to her. she wakes up my brothers and hurries them to her room. she even let the dog stay with us even though he always slept in the kitchen at night since he was young and would tear up the house normally, but that night he laid on the floor awake all night staring at the door.

Nothing else happened but we never found out who called or what the noise was coming from the garage/downstairs, but for a mother home alone with three kids you can imagine how scary it must have been. i wouldn't know since i slept through it all and only found out the next day, but we still talk about it to this day and it was almost 15 years ago

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