Monday, August 9, 2010

Hijacked at the Holliday Inn

This happened to us about 7 years ago. My husband, son, and I drove to Little Rock for the Taekwondo World competition. Our son was, at that time, one level away from a 2nd degree black belt. We stayed at the Holiday Inn by the airport.

The first night we were there, everything was fine. The second night, we came in around 8, ordered room service, ate, then went to bed, our son in one bed, and my husband and I in the other.

The next morning, we got up, and found that we'd been robbed during the night while we were sleeping! Someone had come in our room, taken my laptop computer, over $200 out of my husband's wallet, and about $50 out of one of our son's sneakers; he'd put the money in his shoe, and his shoes right between our beds. So whoever had come into the room had been standing over us as we slept.

I'm a mother of two (now grown) children, and all moms here know that we wake up at the slightest sound. I never heard a thing.

I called the hotel manager, who could not have cared less...she told me that I had to call the police because she was busy. The police came, and they told us that there were a LOT of robberies in that hotel (which was very nice, and quite expensive), and they figured that management was in on it, but could never prove it. The thing I couldn't figure out was how they got in and out, messing about in our room, without at least one of us waking up. It scares the crap out of me to think what could have happened had we actually woken up and caught them.

As we were checking out, the hotel clerk had the GALL to present us with a BILL!! I laughed and said, "Get your manager, stupid." (I was PISSED.) I told her we had no intention of paying for this room, and she could comp both nights or take us to court. She quickly agreed to comp the rooms, and we left. Thank God hubby had put the rest of our cash in the car, hidden.

When we got home, I was telling one of my father's friends about it, and how we couldn't figure out why we didn't wake up. The first thing he asked was whether we had eaten at the hotel or not. I told him that we had ordered room service. He said that that was why...Our food or drinks had been drugged, and we just snored away while these people were in our room!! No wonder these creeps weren't afraid to go into a room with one grown man and another older teen who was very well trained to fight if need be.

According to the Holiday Inn public relations department, who investigates anything like this, the electronic key makes an entry on a paper every time it's used, and they got the one from that night, and said that it had not been opened by anyone but us. So we know that it was an inside job, done by someone with a hotel key.

So now, when we travel, we are armed and we only stay in rooms with deadbolts on the doors. And of course, we NEVER have room service or hotel food, either.

You can never be too careful!

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