Friday, August 6, 2010

Country Dark

I'm from New Mexico and when I used to live at home, it was out in the freakin boonies on our farm. When it gets dark it's literally pitch black and our closest neighbor is a mile away. Recipe for disaster, right?

Well, my parents went to town one evening on their anniversary and left me home alone. Not a big deal. I'd stayed by myself many times before and it was fine. But this night, as I was watchin TV, I hear a scrape/bump sound from the front door. I'm like what the f, right? So i get up, go to the foyer and I see it...the door is open. (out in the country, we just don't lock doors. Now i think it's stupid!) I hesitate, start to panic a lil bit. This door is a heavy wooden door. It does NOT just open from a breeze or anything like that; it opens because someone opened IT. I make my move and go to close it, but right when I do my dog outside starts losin her s hit. She's barking and going crazy and I freak out because I've never seen or heard her do that. She sounded scared.

I look and can barely make out her figure, it was so dark but I could see her growlin up at something and I could make out what looked like a man. Then it happened. He kicked her in the face and she made the worst noise. Ugh, just thinkin about it gives me chills really. It was awful. I yelled, slammed and locked the door, ran for the back door to lock it and grabbed the phone. I called my parents and I was way upset and scared. I was so messed up, i'm surprised I was able to tell them what happened. My mom calmed me down as best as she could, told me to turn off the lights, take the phone and lock myself in my thats what I did.

My parents were on their way home and they called in backup (my grandparents lived 5 miles away) and they would call to open the door. I hid underneath the covers in my room with a pillow over my head. I'm not completely sure, but i think I heard pounding on the front door, but I didn't want to find out. I was terrified.

The dog's jaw was sore and swollen from where he'd kicked her and it took me awhile before I was able to be alone in our own home. The dude must've taken off right before my family got home because he was long gone. It was so scary. I hope nothing like that happens again because it was whack.

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