Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Camping Amongst Crazies

This happened around three years ago. Me and six friends were camping out in my back garden. My garden is pretty big and at the end is a waist high fence. Over that fence is like a woodland area.
Me and four of my friends were in my garden in a tent. Two of my other friends wanted to sleep in the woodland area over the fence. After we set up both tents we all decided to go for a little adventure in the woods.
Things got creepy though, it was really dark and we kept hearing noises so me and three of the four people who were sleeping in my tent went back to my garden and got in the tent.

The other three were gone for about 20 mins and then the tent nearly caved in. It was the other three, they were crying (two of them were boys!), shaky and out of breath. They said they saw a man who told them to “come here”.

They started walking away when the man started chasing them another man joined him in the chase. They were totally shook up so we all stayed in my tent. That’s seven people in a four-man tent. We were squashed but warm.
We all talked about what those three saw and eventually drifted off. The next morning we went to pack away the other tent over the fence and was gobsmacked. The tent has massive rips in it, like someone sliced it with a knife.
What was really creepy though is that the fence is easy to climb over, the men could have easily got to us. It gives me shivers thinking about how they could have been walking around the tent while we were sleeping.

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Anonymous said...

Guys were crying because another guy said "come here" haha what wimps