Friday, August 6, 2010

Bastard in the Bush

I live in a forested suburb in a rural area just outside a city in Western basically i live on a block of land where there is bush (forest) surrounding about 4/5ths of the house. But the land envelope, garden and firebreak leave a clear patch of about 15 meters between the bush and the house.

Alongside one side of my house there is a main road, but apart from that just swampland and not another house for about 400m or so...

My dad lives away from home and my mum had gone out with my brother to a family do or something, so i was home alone (about 1 year ago so i would have been 17). So, I’m sitting in my bedroom and i hear my dog barking. He has different types of barks, and this one was a "there’s someone there bark". this isn't too weird, cause maybe once a week someone will be walking along the road at in true crazy fashion I go to the door to check out who is there (just being safe), but I can't see anyone.

I unlock the door and walk out from the patio, down the stairs and onto a large grassed front of this area is dense bush and behind that the main road with street lights. I call my dog inside and put him in the garage, and then go back outside onto the grass again (i have no idea why because i would never normally do that). Being night and out in the bush it was just dark, but the street lights from the road let in streams of light. So, I’m looking in the bush to see if maybe it was a kangaroo or something when I hear crunching and snapping of twigs and leaves. As my eyes adjust to the dark i could make out the figure of a man and he was just crouched down in the bushes in the dark. So, I’m like what the hell? I move a bit closer, not scared for some reason and then this guy just stands up and his face goes into a light patch and he just stands still, and i think he thought i couldn’t see him. BUT I keep staring him down, so he crouches down again and starts to shuffle along in the darkness. Then, I realize what’s going on. He has seen that the car has left and he has been waiting in the bush staking out the house (it has happened before).

I start to get real scared, then he stands up and I hear walking but its too dark to see where he is anymore. I move backwards, and then all of a sudden I see he has appeared standing at the fence and he is just staring at me. My heart beats a bazillion miles an hour and i just quickly walk backwards keeping my eyes on him...then all of a sudden walking backwards i feel a bang from behind on my back and head. I yell and turn around, then i realized it was just a tree i hit, which i had forgotten about when i was all scared. Slightly relieved, but pissing myself i ran back inside, locked the doors and watched this guy from the blinds. Eventually, he got up and walked onto the main road and out of sight.

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