Friday, August 6, 2010


 At the time of this story I was about 20, living in Lubbock, TX going to university there. I shared a house with another college student; the house was in an okay neighborhood and there was a park down the street. Well, I had a beagle puppy, and I had gotten up at about 3 am to take her out; I went outside and our house had been toilet papered pretty badly. My roommate was in a sorority so I figured it was some kind of joke on her.

I wake up my roomate we go out and started gathering up toilet paper; that's when I saw it. On the back bumper of my car was a very lewd, very disturbing, picture of, to put it nicely, someones er, backside, stretched to a rather disproportionate size. It was disgusting and frankly I was very startled. Basically someone was calling me an a-hole, I guess, but I had absolutely no idea who it could have been. I didn't have any enemies or anything like that.

I took the paper off my car and we went in and called the cops. They took about 10 minutes to get there,  butthe scary part of this is that while we were  inside waiting for the cops someone had taped another picture back where I had taken the first one. This really scared the hell out of me. Even the cop seemed a little startled and disturbed when I told him. We had only been inside maybe ten minutes, and they had known we went inside, and then snuck back up to the house and retaped the photo, so that meant someone had been watching the house. The lewdness of the photo knowing someone was probably watching me the whole time -it was very creepy. The police said they would "patrol the area" but you're damn sure I didn't get any sleep that night.

Blue K.

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