Wednesday, September 23, 2099

Terrifying Tales: 13 Scary Stories for Children now available on Amazon

Alone at Night's very own D.K. has written a book. It's available in paperback or eBook on The eBook edition is going for the low price of $2.99. and it gets you 13 tales of terror that will be enjoyed by the young and old alike (some stories might be too scary for readers younger than 9).

I am happy to entertain any questions you might have regarding the book. Simply leave a comment.

Happy reading, and, as always, stay safe.

-Alone At Night

Friday, December 5, 2098

Support Alone at Night Scary Stories

Hello, Alone at Night Scary Stories fans. Big news.

You can read more about Alone at Night's Patreon account here.

Alone at Night has created and shared free terrifying content to visitor for years. That's not going to change. We don't charge our visitors, we don't run adds. We don't even have a membership mailing list and spam your email folder. None of those things are cool.

However, we have some goals for Alone at Night that are going to take some financing. So, we've created a Patreon page. Some of the goals include moving Alone at Night to its own page and off of BlogSpot. Another goal is to grow our readership, which means more content for you.

Our Patreon page will give you the opportunity to support Alone at Night Scary Stories financially in a secure manner.

We have three membership levels: $1.00 a month, $3.00 a month or $5.00 a month. Each membership level has a pretty kick-ass reward, from a unique scary story written just for you by Alone at Night's very own D.K., to an autographed copy of Terrifying Tales: 13 Scary Stories for Children.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Dealing with the Eldery

I used to work in a dementia/Alzheimer's community. We had one resident who seemed fine, no need to check on him incessantly, didn't bother anyone. One morning we went to go wake him up for breakfast. He was in the shower so we left after knocking on the door and hearing his 'Out in a minute'. We got worried twenty minutes later when he still hadn't shown. We heard the water still running and opened the doorbto find blood everywhere and him lying on the floor, dead. EMS said he'd likely had a stroke and blacked out, hitting his head in the process.
A week or so later, a new resident moved into his room. Places like where I work don't believe in bad juju or anything that doesn't involve money. His room was sold almost the day after his family moved his stuff out. The evening she moved in, she called us incessantly insisting that her bathroom door was locked and when she tried to get in she heard a man inside say "I said, I'd be out in a minute". This continued for a week or two, including instances where the shower would randomly turn itself on. Same community, lady dying of stage 4 cancer. She still had her right to go out and smoke, so we would take her to the commons area where she would proceed to have conversations with her old (dead) crack dealer named Magic and defiantly tell him she would not be going to hell with him. The day she died, as we were waiting for the funeral home to come pick her up and were sitting there having a cigarette in her memory and crying, we heard her voice clear as a fucking bell say "I ain't go with Magic. Don't cry". I cried harder. We loved that woman.
I am also a home hospice nurse. I had a very odd lady who was close to the end and she was insisting that there was a woman in her bed. That's a clear sign for most of us that either the veil is thinning, condition declining, or a combination of the two. She would call me in sobbing, saying that that wasn't the lady who was supposed to come get her. I couldn't console her, I called her daughter to come see her. She was on her way, so I moved her into a bedroom on the front of the house that let more light in and had a view of the road. My patient had developed an inexplicable fear of the dark out of nowhere so I figured the streetlights and porch light would help her feel better and sleep without an overhead light keeping her fully awake.
Shortly after I got her to sleep, her daughter ran full speed into the house. It was past dark and she was on the phone with the police. She grabbed me, pulled me into the room with her mother and locked the door and windows. I was dumbfounded. She explained to me that when she pulled up she saw someone crawling on the side of the house towards her mother's normally-inhabited-but-now-vacant bedroom. CRAWLING ON THE FUCKING SIDE OF THE FUCKING HOUSE LIKE FUCKING SPIDERMAN. Cops came, checked everywhere, found nothing, left. Not half an hour later, my patient woke up, smiled at me and her daughter, said "the right one is here now, I love you", died. I didn't sleep for days.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Let me set the stage. It's about 3am on a weeknight, my wife and I, along with our dachshund are sleeping. I don't sleep terribly well, so it doesn't always take much to wake me up. I don't know if I was already awake or if Ripley (our dachshund) woke me up. Either way, I can hear him growling under the covers. Not the kind of growl when he is dreaming, but growling AT something or someone. The dog is awake.
This alarms me, because it's 3am, and our bedroom door is closed. He is growling at SOMETHING. Every single time someone walks by the house and he is up in the front window or at the door, he will growl or bark. I knew that he was growling for a reason.
I sit up in bed and listen. At this point, my wife wakes up and asks me what I am doing. I shush her and keep listening. There it is. A knock. The dog barks again. I shush him. I keep listening. There is someone knocking on one of my doors. Or maybe it's the neighbors house?
I slowly get out of end and hear the knocking once more before opening my bedroom door. From the doorway, I can see directly out the back slider onto the deck. There is no one there. The house is dark. I don't hear the knocking anymore.
I go back and look out the bedroom window to my neighbors house. I see no one. I then proceed to check out the rest of the house. Slowly tiptoeing through the house I open the side door one. I move to the front of the house and look out of the big front window. Nothing. I open the front door and step out onto the porch and have a look up and down the sidewalk. There is no one there.
Someone was knocking on what, in hindsight, I suspect was the side door of the house. But I saw no one. Also I should mention that you have to open the side gate to get to the side door. The gate was shut. A drunk? I wish I knew, I think.

Craft Store

I work at a craft's store and I almost always have the closing shift (this night we closed around 9:30) since I work in the mornings somewhere else every week day. Usually there are only four people that close every night: the shift manager, the cashier, and the two other associates that were working the floor. 

After the manager closes down all the registers, the cashier usually follows them back into the office to help get the money bags sorted out and stuff. 

That night this girl and I were working the floor so we stayed out in the now half-lit store and finished up putting some stuff away. After a few minutes the other girl and I hear what sounds like boxes moving several aisles away from us, towards the front of the store. Didn't think much of it, probably just the cashier helping us out now. 

Our manager asks us over the walkie talkie if one of us could go get the slip out of register 1's receipt printer. The other girl and I agreed that the cashier girl was closer so she could do it. It was pretty damn quiet other than them still moving around those boxes or whatever so we kinda just shouted "Hey (cashier's name) could you get that?" No answer. "..(cashier's name)...?" Still no answer. 

This made my heart drop into my stomach. The other associate and I looked at each other wide-eyed and she was obviously creeped out too. I somehow got the courage to run up to the front and grab the paper slip and run back (all while still hearing someone fixing up the shelves) to the office with the other three people. 

All three, including the girl who was cashier, were back there in the money room that was attached to the office. I immediately asked the cashier if she had gone out on the floor. She shook her head no and the other girl and I again exchanged "what the fuck" looks.

 I explained to the cashier and manager what we heard and they kind of just brushed it off. I took my earpiece out of my ear and on the way to put away my walkie talkie by the computer in the office I passed by the office door and I fucking shit you not, heard two light knocks right as I had my back to it. 

I was too damn scared to even tell the other three what had just happened and plus I assumed they wouldn't believe me anyway. Eventually we were walking out of the front door, locked it, and all four of us turn around to the parking lot and automatically count 5 cars. 

The unfamiliar car that did not belong to us was parked in the very front and was a rusty maroonish color. Not a single thing was said, we just fast-walked to our cars and got the hell out of there. I don't know if there was a person in the store or what but it made me terrified to work closing shifts for the next several weeks.