Wednesday, September 23, 2099

Terrifying Tales: 13 Scary Stories for Children now available on Amazon

Alone at Night's very own D.K. has written a book. It's available in paperback or eBook on The eBook edition is going for the low price of $2.99. and it gets you 13 tales of terror that will be enjoyed by the young and old alike (some stories might be too scary for readers younger than 9).

I am happy to entertain any questions you might have regarding the book. Simply leave a comment.

Happy reading, and, as always, stay safe.

-Alone At Night

Friday, December 5, 2098

Support Alone at Night Scary Stories

Hello, Alone at Night Scary Stories fans. Big news.

You can read more about Alone at Night's Patreon account here.

Alone at Night has created and shared free terrifying content to visitor for years. That's not going to change. We don't charge our visitors, we don't run adds. We don't even have a membership mailing list and spam your email folder. None of those things are cool.

However, we have some goals for Alone at Night that are going to take some financing. So, we've created a Patreon page. Some of the goals include moving Alone at Night to its own page and off of BlogSpot. Another goal is to grow our readership, which means more content for you.

Our Patreon page will give you the opportunity to support Alone at Night Scary Stories financially in a secure manner.

We have three membership levels: $1.00 a month, $3.00 a month or $5.00 a month. Each membership level has a pretty kick-ass reward, from a unique scary story written just for you by Alone at Night's very own D.K., to an autographed copy of Terrifying Tales: 13 Scary Stories for Children.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Confessions of a Reformed Night Owl Part 1: Setting the Scene

Let me set the scene for you.

I once saw a man walking a rabbit. He had it on a leash. It was early morning, that time when the wise people of the world were tucked in their beds. At that moment it seemed like the three of us, the man, the rabbit and myself were the only things awake in existence.

I was a night owl at that time. Always had been. I felt about the daytime the same way a claustrophobic might feel about elevators. I created my life around the night. My work, my personal life, my hobbies, all were purposefully developed to keep myself inside during the day and out at night.

I live in a small town and it does limit what I can do in the small hours of the morning. Nothing stays open past midnight. The normal activities that occupy people's lives during the day aren't available to me. I needed something to occupy my time, so I took up walking as a hobby.

This is America. Walking isn't normal. People who live in suburbs or small country towns don't walk. Those few that do are usually deemed to be weirdos, misfits, or criminals. Really, the negative assumptions are understandable. America isn't made for walking. It's made for driving, but I don't drive. I walk.

Most of the time there's nothing really to see, or at least nothing out of the ordinary to see. There's plenty to see on my walks, but most of it won't be interesting to you. For example, do you care about the way the ground lights illuminate the old Presbyterian church during a fog? Would you care to know about the habits of the raccoon's in Wilson Park? There are other things, though. Things that I've witnessed that you would be interested in.

I look in windows -- because of course I do. I don't stop and stare. I don't peep. I glance. As I walk past a house I will glace at the windows. Usually I see drawn curtains, hiding dark rooms. That's to be expected, of course, but sometimes I see people and snapshots of their lives.

Often those lives consist of a strong diet of television and late night snacking. The ordinariness of wasting time is a sin. Sometimes, though, I witness things less mundane.

The rare occasion when I tell someone about my nighttime walks, they always want to hear the juicy stories. Have you ever seen a murder? Do you watch people having sex? What's the scariest thing you've seen? I have answers to each of these. No, I've never seen a murder, though I've witnessed other crimes. I have seen people having sex. Then there's the answer to the scariest thing question...

The scariest thing used to be the time I saw a man beating his wife in their front yard. I still remember being surprised that there was no dialogue between the two, just the animal noises of physical effort and pain. I was dumbfounded by the brutality.

A motion caught my eye and I saw a curtain move aside at a nearby house, a man's face momentarily pressed against the window. I saw him roll his eyes at the scene. By that point the woman was on the ground, like a lump of dough, and had ceased to fight back. The neighbor closed the curtain.

It was as if the neighbor was immune to this act of violence. It was like he was beyond caring, like his chief complaint would have been the noise and the interruption to his sleep. Of course, I didn't personally intervene, either, though I did call the police.

That scene used to be the most disturbing thing that I had come across. Then I met her.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Art by John Brosio

John Brosio has some terrific art, some of which is on the creepy side, such as the piece below titled "Night Hunt." Check out his site for more of his work.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A Strange Call to the Police

Not me but my dad used to be a policeman in the UK (retired now). He told me a story when I was a kid and still remember it.

He was out on the beat way back when, early 90's or so, and him and his partner hear a call from dispatch on the radio that a girl who lived alone in a small house converted into two flats was hearing noises from upstairs - which was not occupied and had not been for some years, apparently.

At the time, he and his partner was close by the location of the call, as was a canine unit who got there before they did. The canine unit had this dog called Floyd who was 'famous' for being completely fearless to the point of madness. So they go up the outside stairs of the flat to the door with Floyd and kick the door down and send Floyd in, but as soon as he stepped over the threshold he stopped dead, hackles raised and started whimpering. He tried to go back downstairs but the dog handler 'threw' him into the room where he was just terrified and would not move.

The flat was empty apart from a few boxes and a children's cot, which had a mobile hanging above it (not phone kind, toy kind). The mobile was turned on and moving making musical sounds.

They didn't find anyone or anything else in the house.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Haunted House of Love

I did not receive too many paranormal calls in my years as a police officer. However, one day I was called in to day shift when their supervisor was out sick. We always had a unit watch the school zone in the morning and afternoon because it was on a strip of road that people frequently sped through. The weather was nice so I got out and walk along the sidewalk. I enjoyed talking to the kids and giving them the chance to interact in a positive way with the police.

One little girl walked up to me and asked me why we were not arresting the "ghosts" in the haunted house. Jokingly I told her that was the Ghostbusters job but since they were all the way over in New York I would see what I could do. By now a small group had gathered around and they all had stories about the same haunted house (which was along a street adjacent to where we were). The complaints were typical, banging, voices, screams. Typically in the afternoon/evening when the kids were walking home from school or out in the area playing.

I assumed it was just one of those school yard legends that grows out of nothing, but there were enough of them who swore they heard something I decided I would check it out. The house turned out to be owned by a family in Colorado (at the time I worked in a smaller Oklahoma town). The mother had passed away many years ago, and though the family owned the house and paid taxes they did nothing with it. It was a good size two story house, but years of neglect had made it look pretty rough on the outside.

It took my front office folks a day or so to find the owners. We called them, explained we had received some noise complaints, and upon inspection had located the rear entrance was unsecured. They gave us permission to enter the residence and asked that we secure it if possible when we left.
I worked the swing shift, 8PM to 4AM normally, so I drove by that evening at around 10PM. I parked out front and approached the house and sure enough there were some muffled voices inside. I called it in, and made entry (my other two units were tied up and the noise was getting louder). I knew what I was hearing by now and had a good idea this would be a quick in and out.

Sure enough I cleared the first floor and moved up to the second, where I found a couple of high school kids on a nasty looking mattress, you can guess what they were up to. I told them to get their clothes on and meet me down stairs. Did a cursory check of the remaining rooms and went on down. Turns out the house that the grade school kids thought was haunted had become a love/party next for a group of high school kids.

The kids were of age, so I sent them on their way. I did have to ask the owners if they wanted to press charges, but I was glad they didn't. The house had been left to rot and it was in seriously bad shape. Who knows which group of kids first broke the windows and/or kicked in the back door. They demoed the house and sold the lot about a month later.